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We know that buying a new computer can feel a bit overwhelming.  With so many brands and models to choose from, where does one start?  Our computer buying service helps take the guess work out your next purchase.  Let our team of technology experts guide you through the buying process.  Will match with the best computer to fit your needs. We also offer computer repair services to help get your current computer running right.

Computer Sales

Custom Built
Looking for the perfect computer? We sell custom built computers. Simply tell us what you need, and we will build it for you.
Refurbished Computers
If you want to replace your old computer, consider buying one of our many refurbished computers. These preowned desktops have been upgraded with new components to maximize performance. You can get a very good computer at an excellent price.

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Things To Know

If you have even one of these symptoms, you probably have a computer with a bad hard drive. Most computer problems can be attributed to failing hard drives. If you bought a computer with a mechanical hard drive, you are at an even higher risk of experiencing a significant reduction in performance due to the loss of mechanical efficiency.

Is your computer wasting your time?

5 Signs of A Slow Computer

Computer take a long time to start up.
Programs are slow to open.
Computer freezes often
Computer takes a long time to shutdown
Random Not Responding Messages.

Is your data safe?

5 Things that can destroy your data

Ransomware/File Encryption
Hard Drive Failure
File Deletion/Formatted Drive
Scam Caller Sabotage
Power Surge
Data is the most important computer component. Whether it's crucial documents, emails or pictures, every day we generate more of it. Protecting your data should not be left to chance. A good data protection plan can be a difference maker when disaster strikes. When it comes to data loss, It's a matter of when, not if, it's going to happen. Get Prepared.

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